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Leonie Fitzgerald
Leonie FitzgeraldFounder & Investment Specialist - Finalist: Women in Business Awards of Australia

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Leonie Fitzgerald is an advocate for financial freedom, a savvy property investor with an unquenchable thirst for self-education and knowledge that empowers and inspires.  A finalist in the Women of Business Awards of Australia her path to prosperity hasn’t always been an easy one, resulting in her having a desire and determination to help others pursue wealth and create an amazing lifestyle.

She knows better than most people, that no matter how careful you are, life can easily change without warning and derail your carefully considered plans.

Leonie started investing in property in 1993 when she was only 18. She also started to learn about self-education around the same time. She quickly became aware of how closely creating wealth and having the right mindset are entwined.

This is what makes Leonie unique in the industry. She is positive, pragmatic and as a property investor herself… she has practical experience. And that makes Leonie stand out from the crowd.

She has experienced the highs and lows of building wealth. Leonie knows the best way to create financial security for you and reduce your risk. Because she firmly believes property investment and making money should be a joyful experience.

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